We had to make informed decisions to plan for the health, care and well-being of vulnerable older family members. The public health system, as ever constrained by lack of resources, had done its best but it was hard work for the family and we never really got a clear diagnosis or a clear treatment plan. We were frustrated by the lack of communication between the services and with us. As a result, we went looking for a highly capable and responsive medical team to give us comprehensive support.


It was important to feel confident in, and comfortable working with, the people involved in the process of medical assessment, diagnosis, prognosis and planning for our family members. To that end, the specialist medical team at the Hinengaro Clinic provided us with every possible service. They seamlessly partnered us through the whole difficult process with gentle authority, expertise, efficiency and kindness.

Bronwyn Davies

LlB MManagement

Associate Dean, University of Auckland Auckland Law School

I am sincerely appreciative for the professional input your team executed in assessing and reporting on my Mental State of Health.
To have professional persons with ethical clarity to listen to me, understanding the complexity and not prejudge me lifted my damaged confidence and gave clarity to the “happening” that had befallen me over the past 3 plus years.
The complexity of my case did not impede Mr Winkelmann addressing my case in a most professional manner to ensure that no stone were left unturned and that the result would be fair, honest truthful and reliable. The team managed this in a professional manner both with respect and impartiality to get to the truth.
Mr Winkelman and his team assisted to give back my purpose in life and in turn restore my confidence that I had “misplaced” during and prior to my malady. Thanks to his team they have assisted me to “springboard” and rebuild the next chapter of my life.

Douglas Page


Dr Mark Fisher is a leader in the field of Old Age Psychiatry in New Zealand and one of our most experienced and expert Psychiatrists working with the elderly. He has led training, discussions nationally about the human rights of the elderly with dementia and established dementia treatment pathways. His expertise is a real asset for the clinic and the patients and families consulting with him.

Dr Clive Bensemann


We are a Māori whānau that has struggled with the incapacity associated with a cognitive disorder of our mother, grandmother and great grandmother. For years we had struggled along, unsure of how to navigate a health system that did not recognise the specific needs that we had as a whānau – to be heard, to be valued and to assist our vulnerable kuia regarding her health, care and overall well-being. We were frustrated with the lack of progress we had been receiving as a whānau.

After much deliberation and years of not knowing where to turn to, we decided to go through a different pathway to obtain a clear diagnosis and an encapsulating treatment plan. We were doubtful at the beginning, clearly unable to trust the health system with the experiences that we had as a whānau with our vulnerable whānau member. We took a chance and Dr Mark Fisher and Gregory Winkelman travelled to our home and conducted their clinical assessment. It was a humbling experience to witness a thoughtful, considerate, empathetic, and respectful team spend the much needed time to help us with a clear direction regarding diagnosis and a suitable treatment plan. We are eternally grateful for the professionalism of your services and can look forward to being present and more certain regarding the care of our kuia moving forward into the future.

Dr Jason Tuhoe

GP, Tokoroa

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